At Last is a story of the struggle for true love - a pure love with its roots in the innocence of childhood. The story opens in the idyllic surroundings of Grosse Pointe, Michigan and quickly moves to the romantic, picturesque city of New Orleans. The main characters, Mark, played by Martin Donovan (Saved, Insomnia, Opposite of Sex) and Sara, played by Kelly Lynch (The Jacket, Charlie's Angels, Drugstore Cowboy, Roadhouse), are inseparable friends as teenagers growing up in the late 60's in Grosse Pointe. When Mark's family moves to New Orleans in the early 70's, their relationship deepens with the letters they write to one another. Both realize, through their letters, that their unique friendship is that once in a lifetime love. When their letters confessing this love, however, are secretly taken by Mark's mother, Carol, played by Brooke Adams (The Baby-Sitters Club, Gas Food Lodging, Days of Heaven), both believe the other has rejected their love. Mark and Sara are devastated but manage to recover from this great loss as time goes by. Now in their forties, Mark and Sara live in separate cities and both are unhappily married to someone else. Sara struggles with the strain of living with her alcoholic husband, Chris. Mark's wife, Laura, played by Jessica Hecht (Sideways, The Forgotten, Friends), is a successful psychiatrist with ambitious business plans, leaving Mark to take over the majority of the family responsibilities. Mark's older brother Earl, a French Quarter artist, is played by MC Gainey (Dukes of Hazard, Sideways, Are We There Yet, Con Air). Earl is a colorful character who never really left his "hippie" days and continues to be an emotional support in Mark's life. After years of living a somewhat empty life, Mark discovers the once-hidden letters that draw him back again to Sara. Mark and Sara ignite the spirit of their youthful friendship and for the first time, they become aware of what is missing from their lives...a dream, a confidant, a friend. Thirty years have gone by and yet when they reconnect, it's as if they've never been apart. In great anticipation and in spite of their apprehension, Mark and Sara secretly rendezvous in the romantic city of New Orleans. Knowing the risk, they cling to one another for a brief magical moment, longing to recapture what was stolen from them. Complicated by the sudden death of Mark's father and the secrecy of their affair, Sara reluctantly ends their relationship. Mark and Sara's dream of a second chance at love is shattered. Mark inevitably discovers his own family secrets which inspire the strength and determination he needs to embrace his first true last.

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